Rust is the greatest enemy of metal ornamentations, fences, furniture, and fixtures. As modern wrought iron fixtures are intended to endure the coated and elements against rust, its ugly head can still rear. Once this occurs, you would need to remove it without damaging the surrounding environment. What’s great here is that you can perform methods that might simply shock you due to their eco-friendly properties. Know more about these natural and innovative means of eco-friendly rust removal from your wrought iron and ornamental fixtures while staying green. 

Foil and vinegar 

Soaking aluminum foil into vinegar and utilizing it to clean the rust away can be eco-friendly and effective as well. Though you just have to be careful since this can potentially cause harm to your ironwork and scratch it. This can usually happen when your foil gets crumpled up and obtain sharp edges.  

Combination of lime and salt 

We’re referring to lime juice with this one and not the mineral. All you need to do is to put a few salts on the rust, and then immerse it with lime juice and leave it like that for a few hours. After that, rub away the rust using the lime rind.  

Environmentally friendly rust removal   

Iron oxide rust is certainly one of the most typical types of rust. This takes place once the metal gets oxidized due to exposure to moisture. Rust can consume your metal, however, the products used to remove commercial rust are packed with toxins that potentially harm you and the surrounding near you. Moreover, you should prevent harsh products such as steel wool as it can scratch and gouge your iron. Instead, stick with something such as a toothbrush or any correct way wherein working hard to eliminate rust won’t be necessary.  

Water and baking soda 

This is one of the classic techniques used to eliminate just nearly any challenging issues from rust to water spots, to mold. You just need to apply baking soda on the rusty part and apply water by using a wet toothbrush. This way, the rust will be scrubbed away. Moreover, baking soda can be mixed with vinegar for an eco-friendly and even more potent way to remove rust.  

Powder coating 

A powder coat is a plastic-type finish that’s coated to metal items that can offer a bonded and strong coverage, which not only is beautiful, even, and smooth, but very protective as well. This process is called powder coating which is also a great way to eliminate rust in an eco-friendly way. This can offer great advantages compared to the conventional types of coloring like dyes or paint. This procedure is extremely precise and exacting and needs a trained hand to do it well. However, you will have a stunning finished product at the end of the process. If you want to try this advanced way of eliminating rust on your metal equipment, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Dallas powder coating pros today.