We tend to be very excited whenever we have plans of having a house tour. Of course, this is not the property that you owned already. This is a way of looking for a better opportunity to choose which one is nicer? You have the chance to imagine yourself living in a specific place or area of the location. This is pretty common for those people who have plans to buy a house. They just want to make sure that the place is suitable for them and the house is perfect for their dream home. 

There are top mistakes that we need to avoid whenever we are touring for some properties. Many people don’t know about this one since they don’t pay attention to the policies and rules. No matter if it is a brand new or a second owner house only. The most important part here is that you should show your respect for the seller of the property. Of course, you don’t want to hurt them, and you don’t want to offend the agent as well. It is a wise step for you to get some pointers from your agent so that they can brief you before going to that specific area. This is common during the time that you are also selling your house 

You should avoid bring all your friends and relatives during the house tour. Some people will get the entire family members so that they can see and give suggestions about the house. There are cases that you are also making the seller very uncomfortable. They might hear some personal opinions and recommendations to you, that may hurt the seller. Of course, you don’t want to make things bad, especially when you’re trying to negotiate the property’s price.  

You have to pretend that the owner is watching you while trying to make a tour of the house. You start to close more attention to your behavior and don’t want to give a wrong impression to them. There are some people that they’re very careless when it comes to moving around the house. Remember that you don’t want to damage or to break something from that property. Whether they can see you or not, you must respect them. 

There are cases that we take a lot of videos and pictures. Of course, for others it’s okay, but there are some sellers that they feel uncomfortable doing this one. They believe that you have a hidden agenda or intention of giving this to others. You can ask permission from them first before you do it. If they agree, then that’s fine for you to take pictures, but if not, then you should limit yourself from doing the action. There are some people that they share their photos immediately on their social media application. This is not a good move since this is not your own house. 

There is nothing wrong when you want to check the toilet’s flush or if the cabinets are working fine.